Tax return with taxea: That's how it works!

Our product was developed by tax experts and is constantly being improved. You can leave the difficult part to us.

Answer all relevant questions

The intelligent taxea dialogue manager only asks you for information that is relevant for you. Enter your data conveniently in our intelligent online dialogues.

Offerte zur Firmengründung berechnen

Provide all relevant documents

The intelligent dialogues result in a list of documents that we need from you. Upload the relevant documents as a file and have them checked by our specialists. You do not need to distinguish between deductible and non-deductible costs, taxea will do it for you. You can also send taxea documents of expenses that you consider deductible. Taxea automatically checks whether these expenses are deductible and then gives you an answer.

Firmendaten zur Firmengründung erfassen

taxea extends the submission deadline (if necessary)

Taxea will - if you are short of time - extend the submission deadline for you. This gives you enough time to organise the necessary documents.

Kontakt zur Firmengründung aufnehmen

taxea prepares the tax return

Taxea prepares the tax return based on your information and the documents submitted. We guarantee you all possible tax deductions. After the preparation you will receive the tax return as a file by e-mail.

Dokumente zur Firmengründung prüfen

Filing the tax return

You then check your details on your tax return and print it out. You then sign the tax return and submit it to the relevant tax office.

Unterschrift beglaubigen für die Firmengründung

Receipt and control of the tax assessment

The tax office will send you the tax assessment and the tax bill after a few months. Have these checked by the taxea specialists for their correctness. Only then can you be sure that every tax franc paid is actually owed.

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Party wildly

We did it! This year, you've done your tax return carefree.

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