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Last Update: 15. February 2020

Secure transission and handling of your data

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Trustworthy: developed by tax consultants and tax specialists
A team of tax consultants and tax specialists ensures that the current tax laws are always observed. The contents of the website are also always up to date, correct in terms of tax law and reliable.

We thus ensure that you receive your maximum legitimate refund.
Secure: Encrypted transmission of your data
Your data will always be transmitted encrypted, no matter if to the servers or to the tax office. For this purpose, encryption technologies are used that banks also use for their online services.

Your data will only be transferred to the tax office if you expressly allow us to do so.
Stress-free: Fewer queries from the tax authorities
We collect all the information necessary to prepare your tax return in the interview mode. All entries are automatically entered in the correct fields.

The tax office thus receives a correctly completed tax return and has fewer queries.